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Rooted in the Basin

Klamath Falls News has deep roots in the Klamath Basin. Built on the remnants of the Pioneer Press, Klamath Courier and Butte Valley Star newspapers, our history goes back 100-years in the Basin. 

Klamath Falls News is a division of Gailey Company, LLC.

 Brian Gailey, Publisher of Klamath Falls News

Brian Gailey, Publisher of Klamath Falls News

About the Publisher, Brian Gailey

Born and raised in Klamath Falls, Brian Gailey was made to be named publisher of Klamath Falls News today. He is locally recognized for his spectacular photographs featured in local and regional media, as well as his marketing acumen for helping local businesses.

For a decade, Gailey has melded news and marketing with professional photography and video.

He began his tenure in journalism with Klamath Courier, Butte Valley Star and Pioneer Press Family.

Gailey's work has been featured locally on KDRV NewsWatch 12KTVL CBS 10 News, MedfordKOBI-TV NBC 5; throughout the northwest with The OregonianKATU News and KOIN 6 news stations in Portland and KOMO NewsNWCN, and the The Seattle Times in Seattle, Wash. Gailey has also been featured nationally on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir.

Showcasing local people, happenings and places, while capturing our most captivating moments, has driven his local photographic fame with Brian Gailey Photography.

“I am extremely proud to call the Klamath Basin home,” Gailey said. “In this small community I am proud to work with many local businesses.”

Gailey holds a position on the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, is active in the business community with Klamath IDEA, Klamath Community College Small Business Development Center and Oregon Tech Business Management Department.

“I have worked with some of the area's largest companies, non-profits, restaurants, most popular real estate agents and so many more. Photography is my passion but business and marketing is what I know,” Gailey said.

Over the decade, Gailey has helped numerous business from small mom and pops to large corporations, such as, Rogue Valley Manor, Windermere Real Estate, Klamath County Chamber of Commerce, Discover Klamath (Meet Me in Klamath)The Ross Ragland Theater and Pacific Retirement Services.

 Damian Johnson, 2018 Intern with Klamath Falls News

Damian Johnson, 2018 Intern with Klamath Falls News

About the Intern, Damian Johnson

Damian Johnson is a senior at the Oregon Institute of Technology, and will be receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in fall of 2018.

Due to taking interest in social media and the impacts that it has on marketing, Johnson felt majoring in communication would be the perfect choice for himself.

Johnson also attended Klamath Community College where he received his Associate’s Degree in Digital Media and Design.

While attending each college, Johnson has amassed over 4 years of communication and organization research experience through engaging with various local businesses around Klamath Falls, OR.

In addition, Johnson is also currently taking part in an internship with Klamath Falls News where he assists Brian Gailey as well as produces Ask Klamath. 

When not working or attending school, Johnson keeps busy by playing competitive, team-based video games. In addition, Johnson also enjoys developing mobile apps with friends, and hopes to one day to create a company out of this passion.