Ask Klamath Season 4

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Ask Klamath is a Q&A style talk show airing weekly on Facebook LIVE. Invited guests join Brian Gailey for a 60-minute “Ask Me Anything” style show discussing questions asked from the KFN fan base.

Guests can be local politicians, business owners, civic leaders, and more.

Topics vary from show-to-show as questions are submitted from the Friends of Klamath Falls News, both live and pre-screened, as well as questions from Brian.

The show is designed so that anyone can ask any question, anytime,” says Gailey. “The show is relaxed, casual and an exciting dialog between myself and my guest. So far we have interviewed some fantastic guests and I look forward to chatting with more people in Season 4 and beyond.”

In the three seasons so far, we have interviewed some powerful people.

  • Col. Jeff Smith, Commander 173rd Fighter Wing Kingsley Field

  • Kelley Minty Morris, Klamath County Commissioner

  • Derick DeGroot, Klamath County Commissioner

  • E. Warner Reschke, State Representative District 56

  • Chief Dave Hensley, City of Klamath Falls Police Department

  • Glen Szymoniak, Superintendent, Klamath County School District

  • And others

Ask Klamath broadcasts for up to 60-minutes consisting of four 15-minute segments. Between each segment are commercial breaks. Consisting of up to five :30 second commercials from sponsors. Segments 2, 3 and 4 allow for individual sponsorship.