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Todd Hoggarth
Fair Manager, Klamath County Fairgrounds


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Season 4 of Ask Klamath just wrapped and we are now booking guests for Season 5. If you would like to be a guest on Season 5 of Ask Klamath, please contact Brian or click the button below.


S4 E1: April 24
Councilman Todd Andres
Klamath Falls City Council,
Ward 5

S4 E2: May 1
Dena Morosin, Educator
Shasta Elementary

S4 E3: May 8
Dr. Nagi Naganathan, President Oregon Tech

S4 Bonus, May 13
Mark Bransom, CEO
Klamath River Renewal Corp.

S4E4: May 15
Tricia Hill, President
Paul Simmons, Executive Dir.
Klamath Water Users Assoc.

S4 E5: May 22
Michael Cook, Fire Chief
Chiloquin Fire & Rescue

S4 E6: May 29
Heather Tramp
Executive Director,
Klamath County Chamber of Com.

S4 E7: June 5
Jim Chadderdon
Executive Director,
Discover Klamath

S4 E8: June 19
Colonel Jeff Edwards
Commander, 173rd Fighter Wing

S4E9: June 26
Jesse Widener,
Executive Director
Klamath Film

S4 E10: July 3
Todd Hoggarth, Fair Manager
Klamath County Fairgrounds


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