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Season 2, Episode 1 | Sept. 12, 2018

Glen Szymoniak

Superintendent, Klamath County School District

Glen Szymoniak has a track record of improving standardized test scores, integrating technology into classrooms, and working with state and local leaders to maintain and secure funding. He believes school districts need to think about the future of communities and their youth, and among his priorities will be to assist the Klamath County School Board in developing a new strategic plan.

Szymoniak was most recently interim superintendent of the Dillingham City School District in Alaska. He was previously superintendent in Barrow, Alaska, and spent seven years as superintendent in McCall, Idaho, leading the district and its schools to five-star ratings and rankings in U.S. News & World Report and Newsweek. He spent most his career in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, where he started as a third-grade teacher and worked his way up to assistant superintendent.

He holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Alaska in public school administration with an emphasis in strategic planning and school improvement. He also earned a Harvard Law School certification in negotiation and interest-based bargaining. His Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University is in elementary education, history and physical education.

His philosophy embodies teamwork, high expectations, and empowerment of staff and students. “The quality of an organization is a direct representation of the conversations we have about what’s good for kids and how we do business. I want to empower excellent and effective teachers, making sure they’re getting the support they need.”

Season 2 starts September 12, 2018.

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Glen Szymoniak, 
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