Online News Will Never be the Same

Klamath Falls News launches all new website

Klamath Falls News launches all new website (

Klamath Falls News launches all new website (

Klamath Falls, Ore – Locally owned Klamath Falls News, launches a new website today [].   The new website takes the current design of online news and flips it upside down.  Gone are the excessive amounts of advertisements, surveys, quizzes, and annoying pop up ads. Here to stay, the news you want to read.

“I wanted to create a website that was clean, modern, mobile friendly, comprehensive and easy to use.” Says Brian Gailey, Publisher and Owner of Klamath Falls News (KFN).

“I was irritated by current news sites on the internet. They are full of distracting ads, surveys and such. Just give me the news, that is what I came here for.” Continues Gailey.

“When I took over as publisher of Klamath Falls News, I knew that I wanted to create a website for archiving our Live News and published stories. Facebook is horrible for archiving. Just try looking for something 3-days ago, it is almost impossible to find it. I did not want that experience for our friends on Facebook.” Says Gailey.

“Facebook will continue to be our main source of delivery. With a monthly reach of 250,000 plus, it is certainly not an avenue we are going to abandon anytime soon. However, will be the backbone of our news distribution.” Exclaimed Gailey.

The new website offers more than just local news. It will be home to many categories of news including but not limited to – Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Farm & Ranch, Kingsley Field, LIVE, Regional News, Public Safety, Weather, Breaking News and so much more.

Also included on the site will be a comprehensive events calendar, with an available option to submit events to the calendar. includes ‘Report a Story,’ a feature where you can a submit a story of interest that we might want to cover -OR- you can submit a completed story for possible publishing. will also include standard pages of About and Contact, where you can learn about KFN; as well as find contact info and send a general inquiry to KFN regarding any advertising and general questions.

The launch of will include a method for friends to support KFN through Patreon. Through Patreon any friend of KFN can subscribe to receive extras from Klamath Falls News for as little as $1 per month.  This subscription, combined with Business Sponsorships, helps KFN offset the cost of the business.

“Telling the news of the Klamath Basin and Klamath Falls is not cheap. There are expenses and overhead like all other businesses – Fuel, payments, insurance, memberships, and Facebook ads are just a few of the monthly expenses accrued by KFN.” states Gailey.

One final feature that Gailey wanted to include, that many other news sites also include, is a daily email. “We call this the Morning Update. It is an email delivered directly to your inbox each morning with a summary of news from the preceding day.” Says Gailey and adds, “Subscribers can then briefly read the headlines and short snippet, to see if they want to know more. If they do, subscribers simply click on the title and will instantly be taken to the story on”

Klamath Falls News and Gailey are excited over this new site and hope you will be too. Check out the news, subscribe, plan your day, and so much more on the all new