Mazama Tops 4A Skyline Conference

4A Skyline Conference Final Standings 2017

UPDATE 9:43 AM 10/21/17

I will admit my reporting of the 4A Playoffs from last night was incorrect. I have since learned that the playoff rankings are not as simplified as I believed. The final rankings of the teams, following the final regular season game, will not place them into the bracket.  Rather there are Automatic Qualifiers for the bracket and Non-Automatic Qualifiers.

As posted by OSAA: Skyline Champion Mazama has earned an spot as an Automatic Qualifier. Phoenix and Henley have earned a spot as a Non-Automatic Qualifier.

The Non-Automatic Qualifiers will compete in "Play-In" Games to complete bracket for the State Championship. 

Playoff Picture

Automatic Qualifiers

A1 - Cottage Grove
A2 - Scappoose
A3 - Marshfield
A4 - Mazama
A5 - Seaside
A6 - Ontario
A7 - Gladstone
A8 - North Marion

Non Automatic Qualifiers

C8 @ B1 - Newport @ Phoenix
C7 @ B2 - Crook County @ Sweet Home
C6 @ B3 - Elmira @ Banks
C5 @ B4 - Molalla @ La Grande
C4 @ B5 - Junction City @ Henley
C3 @ B6 - Stayton @ South Umpqua
C2 @ B7 - Astoria @ Estacada
C1 @ B8 - North Bend @ Cascade

Read more about this unique playoff structure at

Armed with this information, #4 Mazama will receive a week off to prepare. While #11 Henley will host #20 Junction City on October 27, 2017.

The Junction City Tigers are 3-5 on the season and 3-2 in league play. 

At the beginning of the night the Skyline had a 3-way tie for first place. By the end of the night, there was still a 3-way tie for first place, as all thee teams won their games.

  • The Mazama Vikings beat North Valley tonight 54-6.
  • Henley earned a victory tonight over Hidden Valley 56-6.
  • Phoenix triumphed over Klamath Union 40-19.

However, the Mazama Vikings ultimately come out on top as 4 time conference champions. As they had beaten the Phoenix Pirates on the road earlier this season. Phoenix takes second as they had beaten Henley at home earlier this season.

Congrats to the Vikings on the championship. It is now time to think about post season.

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