Pair of Bonanza Students Seeking Buyers for Underweight Hogs

Hi my name is lupe I and a senior this year at bonanza high school, I plan on going to college for criminal justice next fall. I have been in the ffa program since I was in the 8th grade. Since I was a freshman I started taking a swine project to the Klamath county fair and have done a great job on my swine projects this year the pigs I got were born late and where a bit small for the fair time. But I still worked hard on walking them and making sure they were always fed and watered they are currently around 255 pounds and are still every friendly.

UPDATE: 6:08 PM (10/8/17) - Both hogs have now been sold. Thank you Don Rider for supporting FFA.

UPDATE: 6:04 PM- The 255 lb hog has been sold thank you KFN and FFA supporter Dr. Mindy Brown of Shasta Family Dental.

Klamath Falls, Ore. - A pair of Bonanza High School FFA students raised hogs for the 2017 Klamath County Fair. Unfortunately at the time of fair, the animals were underweight and did not qualify for auction. Now a few weeks later the animals are ready for buyers.

Lupe a senior at Bonanza High School plans to go to college and study criminal justice and has been in the FFA program since 8th grade.

Maurico has lived in Bonanza his entire life and has always worked around animals. In 6th grade he took up raising sheep for the Fair. This year he raised a hog with his sister.

My name is Mauricio I have lived in bonanza my whole life I have always worked around animals and when I was in the the 6th grade I took a sheep to the Klamath county fair and placed really high this year I decided to take a pig with my older sister. She showed me how to properly feed,water and walk my pig this year even if though our pigs were a little light we still worked hard with them and tried our best at the fair my pig is around 250 pounds and like to get scratches under her chin.

Saddly, Lupe and Maurico revived their hogs late in the season so they did not have enough time to grow into the weight they needed to be by auction time.

Klamath Falls News is helping to facilitate this sale - asking for help from our friends to find a buyer(s) for these hogs. If you wish to purchase these hogs please send me a message on Facebook or email me at and I will put you in contact with each other.

~ Brian Gailey, Klamath Falls News