Number Do Not Lie

Klamath Falls, Ore. – There has been talk recently about the “numbers.” The referenced numbers are called Insights (Facebook) and Analytics (Websites). These “numbers” are the measurement of traffic on a given source on the internet. Fortunately, or unfortunately [depending on your viewpoint] the numbers just do not lie.

Ever since I took over as the new Publisher of Klamath Falls News (KFN) on August 1, 2017, I have caused a whirlwind activity in Basin News. Before July 31, 2017 the numbers for Klamath Falls News were not impressive as the brand was not receiving the attention that it required. However, beginning August 1st that all changed.

On the day that I assumed Publisher duties - KFN had approximately 4600 Likes. Today, 54 days later, that number has increased by 32% to over 6800. Continually growing to steadily every day.

But that is not the most impressive number – ↓ These are ↓.

In the 28 days (8/27 - 9/23/17) prior to this article - the stories and videos published by KFN have reached 241,429 people with 170,907 of those engaged. That means, 71% of those reached (170k users) have liked, commented and shared our stories throughout Facebook during this period.

That is a HUGE number for any size business on Facebook and for that I thank you our loyal fan base. As you, the friends of KFN make this possible.

The same stats for the month of August 2017 include - 270,814 in Reach and 185,097 (68%) in Engagement. Again, great numbers.

Since August 1st, our LIVE and published videos have been watched 291,200 times – totaling 2,413 hours of video content watched in the past seven weeks. The two highest watched videos for this period were the LIVE reports from the Naylox Fire near Hagelstein Park (Watch it here - with 25,092 video views.

So, what all does this all mean?

It means that our stories and videos are going viral on Facebook. Our direct audience of 6,800+ are engaging with the content and thus their friends see it and also engage. This engagement activity continues repeatedly for all our postings.

The viral content of KFN includes: LIVE and uploaded videos of newsworthy events and activities in the Klamath Basin, Sports, Breaking News, Weather Alerts, Local Government, Wildfires, 4-H and FFA, Agriculture, Business, Recreation, Photography Contests and so much more.

This activity is good for us and is fantastic for our sponsors. Thousands are seeing our content and connections with the sponsors.

If you are looking for an affordable solution to market your business and/or product to a targeted audience of hundreds of thousands – email me directly at, and together, we can see how KFN can be a strategic ally within your marketing efforts.

We have several sponsorships available for a large range of budgets.