Wildfire Update: High Cascades Complex [Video]

*** VIDEO - Chipping Efforts on the High Cascades Complex East Zone - AUDIO CAUTION - No audio with the exception of a loud chainsaw. (Inciweb) ***

Summary: Crews continued chipping away on repair efforts; increasing repair completion to 43 percent. Aerial operations assisted firefighters by shuttling crews and supplies into difficult to reach areas. While a warm and dry weather trend continued, high clouds prevented major temperature increases. Lingering snow remained a hurdle to repair operations but continued to slow remaining fire activity. Fire perimeters have little potential for movement. Grading operations are progressing smoothly as heavy equipment operator continue to overhaul roads impacted by operations.

North Pelican (27% repair complete): Crews cleaned the trailhead at the end of Cold Springs Road leading into the wilderness. Chipping is expected to continue on the North Pelican for the next several days to remove excess slash along the roads. In addition to hand work, three excavators will repair access roads surrounding the fire.

Blanket Creek Fire (45% repair complete): Firefighters finished much of the rehab work on the southeastern edge of the fire perimeter. Heavy equipment operators will continue scouting the dozer lines closer to Mazama Village to develop a timeline for repairs. The protective material surrounding the Honeymoon Cabin is expected to be removed today.

Spruce Lake Fire (62% repair complete): Air operations provided major assistance to crews on the Spruce Lake Fire by transporting 4,350 pounds of cargo to the Hotshot Crew repairing handline. A crew working in the backcountry is expected to reach the West Rim Road tomorrow.

Closures: Fire closures remain on public lands within some hunting units. Check trail, road, and area closures on InciWeb, park and forest websites. West Rim Drive in Crater Lake National Park remains closed for scheduled maintenance and repaving through Friday at 4 p.m.

Weather: The warming and drying trend should continue through Thursday when highs will reach the mid-70s and daytime relative humidity will drop to 30% or less. Long-range forecasts suggest a renewed wetter pattern by early next week.

Traffic: Expect possible delays on Highway 230 between Union Creek and the junction with Highway 138 due to road construction. In Crater Lake National Park, heavy construction traffic may bring delays near North Junction.