Car Dealer Files Bankruptcy - Concerns for Purchasers

Klamath Falls, Ore - Recent customers of the bankrupt Klamath Superior Motor Company, are being advised to seek legal council by the Klamath County District Attorney

The statement below was sent to Klamath Falls News from Klamath County District Attorney, Eve Costello.

"The issue of automobiles purchased by local citizens from a now bankrupted dealership, Klamath Superior Motors, raised many issues of concern for the purchasers. There appears to be push by some companies to refuse title to these vehicles or to attempt to repossess them. Our office reached out to the Department of Justice to obtain their position on the matter. We received this latter, unfortunately, while it was dated September 6, 2017, it was not brought to my attention until the deputy district attorney who received it had returned from vacation late last week.

I have cleared release of the letter to the general public with the Department of Justice and am thus making it available to all media sources and to anyone who is currently dealing with title or lien issues with automobiles purchased from Klamath Superior Motors. [attached images]

As our office is not able to provide legal advice to individual citizens, we highly recommend that individuals seek independent counsel with a copy of this letter. Our office will remain outside of this issue unless criminal actions dictate our involvement.

We know that the issues arising from the bankruptcy of this establishment have caused much stress to local citizens and businesses. Again, we are sorry this letter was not released earlier, it simply had gone to a deputy district attorney that was on vacation at the time."