LIVE: 10th Annual Fall Harvest Tour

Malin, Ore. - The Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA) is known for advocating for farmers and ranchers on a daily basis. However, each fall they organize a harvest tour where the general public can hop on a bus and travel to fields, sheds and processors to see just how the produce goes from the field to the table. 

Today we visit with Scott White, Executive Director of the KWUA and what is happening on the 10th annual tour. For example did you know growers and processors are contracted by Frito-Lay to grow a special variety of spud used in Lays Potato Chips?  This is a great opportunity for these farmers to remove themselves from the volatile open potato market and know exactly what they will earn at the end of the season. All they need to worry about is producing a good crop - the stress of the market is gone. 

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