Basin Adventures: 7 Family Friendly Indoor Winter Activities [to Avoid the Snow]

Stock Photo by Benjamin Faust

The weather guessers are saying that the snow is coming and with the latest satellite imagery, they might be right this time. So what better way to enjoy family time than to spend it inside where it is warm and watch the snow fall. In partnership with the Klamath Falls KOA here are 7 Family Friendly Indoor Winter Activities you can do here in the Klamath Basin and avoid getting cold in the Snow. (no particular order).

1. Go Bowling
With two bowling facilities in Klamath Falls, there is no shortage of lanes to perfect your game. Both the Epicenter and Hanscam’s have great facilities where the entire family can strike it out, play arcade games and have lunch.

The Game Works (Brian Gailey)

The Game Works (Brian Gailey)

2. Drop Some Quarters at the Arcade
Speaking of arcades, the Game Works is currently holding a soft-opening. They are a retro arcade with all your classic favorites. What better family fun than seeing who can get the highest score on timeless classics like; Frogger, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and more

3. Attend an Art Show
The winter is a great time to catch some of the area’s best art shows and displays. A few happening now are:

4. Visit a Museum
The Klamath Basin has some great museums, few are better than the Klamath County Museum, Favell Museum and the Baldwin Museum. All are indoors and have great things to explore.  But do not forget the Klamath Falls Children’s Museum too, they have great interactive displays for children of all ages.

Archery Tag, Mikes Field House

Archery Tag, Mikes Field House

5. Drop-In on an Indoor Sport
Mikes Fieldhouse is home to several drop-in sports for the entire family: Soccer, Archery Tag, Knockerball, and Volleyball to name a few. They even offer leagues for those looking for a regular sport to play indoors.

6. Watch a Theatrical Performance
The historic Ross Ragland Theater is in the middle of a star-studded performance season. Upcoming shows include: Hear to Heart, Lincoln Trio, I Love a Piano, and more. The intimate Linkiville Playhouse also offers some great theater of staring local talent. Currently on stage is Almost, Maine – A story about the residents of Almost, Maine and how they fall in and out of love in unexpected and hilarious ways.

7. Cuddle with a good book
The Basin is home to a great library system, the Klamath County Library with branches all over. They have branches in: Downtown, Bly, Bonanza, Chiloquin, Chemult, Keno, Merrill, Malin and more. They also hold events at those branches too. Stop in and check one out today!  Besides the county library there are some great used book stores in the basin too, like the Basin Book Trader. They offer low prices on books and when you are ready for something new, they include a generous buy back policy.

Who did we miss - where do you like to go or what do you like to do indoor when the snow is falling outside?


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