Basin Adventures: Linkville Lopers

Linkville Lopers,  Facebook

Linkville Lopers, Facebook


Sometimes a new adventure is only a step away.

The Linville Lopers Running and Walking Club offers anyone the chance to lace on a pair of shoes to run a race, explore a trail and meet a fun group of people. With the help of the Klamath Falls KOA Journey we take a look into the Linkville Lopers and some upcoming events.

"I love the convenience of running," said Amber Singh, Lopers vice president. "No matter where I am, I don't have an excuse as long as I have a pair of running shoes. Just lace up and go."

The Linkville Lopers was founded in 1970s to host official timing at local events. It is a nonprofit that donates proceeds to the Klamath Trails Alliance, Friends of Moore Park, Steen Sports park, Rails to Trail (Oregon State Parks) and the OC&E Trail. 

Linkville Lopers, Facebook

"Our membership is represented by the entire spectrum of performance, including elite runners, mid-packers, back-of-the-packers and recreational walkers," the organization's website states. "Among our ranks are marathoners, triathletes, vegans, high school cross country team members, carnivores, the young and the not-so-young."

The group is welcoming to newcomers and newbies to running or walking. 

"I feel like being a Loper member gives me a sense of belonging," Singh said. "We have local races here in the Basin which give many opportunities for runners/walkers to set goals, whether they are time goals or distant goals."

This spring the Singh and the Lopers are organizing the Trail Series, which hosts runs every Sunday at 5:30, usually in Moore Park. The distances vary each week, starting with a 5K in March and leading up to a 10K on May 20. The cost is $5 per event or $20 for a season pass. 

Linkville Lopers,  Facebook

Linkville Lopers, Facebook

The Lopers also hold weekly runs on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Mondays at 5:30 p.m. runners meet at the Klamath Union High School track for speed work, and on Wednesdays runners start at Asana Yoga and Sole at 6 p.m. for group run. 

And there are many races this spring, either sponsored by the Lopers or promoted by them on the club's website and Facebook page. Those include:

  • Run for the Birds - May 12 
  • Spence Mountain Run 25K and 50K - June 2
  • Klamath Hospice Remembrance Run 5K and half-mile walk - June 2
  • Lake of the Woods 5K and 15K - June 9

See the website for more detailed information on these upcoming races. 

Linkville Lopers, Facebook

Singh said running is also a great activity for families. She loves setting a good example for her daughter and other children.

"Running as a family is fun," she said. "Getting out and breathing fresh air and exploring ares you may not normally visit is a great adventure kids will remember."

Written by Samantha Tipler for Klamath Falls News.


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