Basin Adventures: Road Biking the Basin

Spring is finally here, now the adventure can begin. Today we take a brief look at road biking (bicycling) in the basin. With the help of the Klamath Falls KOA Journey we and we will take a look at three great road routes (Easy, Moderate and Difficult) to enjoy right now in the basin.

Airport Loop

The Airport loop is an easy 28-mile loop originating out of Veterans Park located in downtown Klamath Falls. The first 2 miles navigate busy roads before jumping off on the OC&E State Trail, a converted railsto-trails project. Cruise on the OC&E for 5 miles to Reeder Road where you exit onto low traffic country roads. The loop continues around the airport before heading back to Veterans Park. 
Rated: Easy to Moderate

Triple Loop, Running Y Ranch

Running Y Loop offers a nice alternative to riding the flat farm roads south of town. If you enjoy a few hills and like to browse the homes of Klamath’s premier destination resort, this ride is for you! Start at Veterans Park downtown and proceed to Lakeshore Drive where you pass Moore Park and cruise along the south edge of the lake. At mile 7.2 make sure and turn at the Fire Station, right before Lakeshore drive merges onto Hwy 140, and jump on the Running Y bike path. Amenities along the way include Hutch’s Bicycle Store, Gathering Grounds Coffee, Lakeshore Landing as well as several options for food and beverage at the Running Y Resort.
Rated: Moderate

Hamacker Out and Back

This is a bona fide climb with about 9 switchbacks (depending on your definition of switchbacks). The ride starts at Veterans Park and heads west towards Keno for 13 easy miles. It’s a good idea to stop in Keno at one of the stores to take a quick break and fill up water if needed. The climb starts just as you leave town and it was mostly repaved in the fall of 2012 and sees very little traffic. Thus the pavement is in excellent shape. This is a difficult climb (about 2800 ft. in 8 miles) but the distance on the ride is manageable. Cut it short by simply turning around when you’ve had enough.
Rated: Difficult

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