Basin Adventures: Spring Fever? Take a Hike

Geo Trail, May 2017 (Klamath Trails Alliance)

Do you ever feel guilty for enjoying the nice weather that the Klamath Basin has experienced this month? It is February, and we should be experiencing a high in the 30's not 60's and several inches of frozen snow on the ground. We all know the pleasant weather will not last, but it has given us quite a case of Spring Fever.

What better way to enjoy the mild temperatures than to take a hike. Here are three local easy hiking trails to cure your spring fever.


The Link River Trail

The Link River Trail is a mostly flat trail that runs between Putnam’s Point on Klamath Lake to the Klamath Wingwatcher’s Trail on Lake Ewauna. If you love watching birds, you’ll want to walk this path, as its unique habitat offers birds and wildlife peaceful sanctuary. Along this hike, one can stop and enjoy the location of the “Klamath Falls.”

While hiking this trail keep an eye out for Barrow’s Goldeneye and Hooded Merganser along with many other duck species on the quiet waters at either end. In the winter Black Crowned Night-Heron roost in trees in large numbers near the homes at the south end. Winter Wren often make the canyon their winter home also. This is also a wonderful spring birding area for migrants moving through the Klamath Basin.


Klamath Wingwatchers Interpretive Trail

Klamath Wingwatchers developed this easy 1.1 mile long, wheelchair accessible trail along the western shore of Lake Ewauna. Start your journey by parking at Veterans Park and walk over the bridge to the trail head.

Over 1100 trees and shrubs provide shelter and food for the many species of wildlife that inhabit the area, including Pelicans and Grebes. The eagle perch along the trail is used year-round by bald eagles and cormorants.


Geo Trail

The Geo Trail is located adjacent to the Sky Lakes Medical Center and Oregon Tech. The nearly 2-mile long hiking and snowshoeing trail that was sustainably constructed in 2016 as a community initiative. The Geo Trail provides scenic vistas of the Klamath Basin and offers an opportunity for relaxation and physical activity to all who enjoy it.


Information gathered from Meet Me in Klamath, Klamath Trails Alliance and Klamath Birding Trails. More information on area trails can be found at


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