Basin Adventures: Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Paisley, Ore. - One of the most unique, picturesque landscapes in the Pacific Northwest and among the few truly unspoiled places on earth is the Summer Lake Hot Springs.

The Summer Lake Hot Springs are located in part of the Great Basin and High Desert of Eastern Oregon. Just a few miles north of Paisley, Ore. and a 2.5 hour drive northeast of Klamath Falls sits the Summer Lake Hot Springs.

"There are 4 or 5 springs that services our land." Says Duane Graham, Owner of Summer Lake Hot Springs. "They are artisan hot mineral springs, they come from about a mile deep and they surface on their own through the vents and faults in the earth."

"A couple of [the springs] flow into the bath house, a rustic mineral pool...water flows in at about 115° and the pool is about 103° or so." continues Graham. "Its high in silica and other minerals and feels really silky when you get out."

A 145 acre commercially run hot spring known for possessing a natural appeal. Summer Lake features geothermal heated cabins, guest houses, a campground, RV hookups and most importantly, natural rock and indoor pools. However, as commercial and rustically modern as the resort is. It is located at an ancient historical site with petroglyphs nearby. 

"We have outdoor soaking tubs, right behind the bath house...with different mineral content." says Graham. "A few of these springs surface within hundreds of feet from one another but totally different mineral contents."

On a spring break trip from college in Eugene, Owner Duane Graham happened upon Summer Lake Hot Springs in 1988. Even then he recognized what a sacred area this was.  The addition of a Natural Hot Springs, vast landscape and eternal starry nights called him back for peace and healing year after year. Graham had an eye for taking something that needed work and making something artistic out of it.  He saw early on the potential of this gem in the desert, often envisioning what he would create if given a chance.

Summer Lake Hot Springs had been run as a small family owned RV park since 1958. On one of those summer road trips in 1996 Graham drove past "For Sale" signs along the property.  Realizing the unique opportunity to buy a commercial hot spring, he then purchased 145 acres of paradise and has been gradually transforming the resort ever since.

Graham's vision of creating a healing retreat centered around the hot springs with unique small cabins is well on its way, and Graham brings a philosophy of balance and creativity to Summer Lake's long-term success.

The 145-acre resort is home to a vast spectacular landscape, up to 118° mineral hot springs, several outdoor rock pools and a large indoor pool. Also featured on the property are geothermal heated & cooled guest houses and cabins. A campground with full RV hookups and easy access along the Oregon Outback Highway make the Summer Lake Hot Springs a destination in the high desert. 

In addition to a geological wonder, the resort is also quite "green" and environmentally friendly too. The resort has been designed as a model to educate through examples of how green building and design practices can be implemented. The resort utilizes passive solar principles, natural products, fine linens and interior design principles with environmentally conscious materials. Some of the facilities practices include: Geothermal heat, passive solar, xeriscaping (landscape in a style which requires little or no irrigation), rain water collection, recycled woods/cork/stone & tile.


The Summer Lake Hot Springs have even hosted many small workshops and festivals and are a regular stop for Burners on the way to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada. 

For more information on the resort & campground availability, the mineral hot springs and more visit

41777 Highway 31, Paisley, Oregon 97636
(541) 943-3931

Information gathered from Summer Lake Hot Springs and Soak Oregon. Images from Summer Lake Hot Springs. 

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs


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