BOCC Business Meeting Minutes: January 16th

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Board of Commissioners Business Meeting
January 16, 2018 ~ 8:30am ~ Room 219

1/16/2018 - Minutes

  1. Call To Order, Those Present, Flag Salute 8:30am Commissioner DeGroot, Commissioner Boyd, Haley Huffman / Staff, Dale Geigle, Ron Matchett / Multimedia; Libby Gallagher / Planning, Jeremy Morris / Public Works; Aaron Hartman / Community Corrections.
  2. Agenda Deletions/Additions
  3. Approve Minutes From Last Meeting
    1. In The Matter Of Approving The “Minutes” From The January 9, 2018 Business Meeting. - BOCC Commissioner DeGroot reads information.  Approved. 
  4. Prior Approved Items
    1. In The Matter Of Awarding Klamath County Economic Development Grants For Fall 2017 Cycle - Board Chair
      Commissioner Boyd reads information for the record. Commissioner Boyd motions.  Commissioner DeGroot seconds.  Unanimous vote.  Approved. 
    2. In The Matter Of Awarding Klamath County Tourism Grants For Fall 2017 Cycle - Board Chair
      Commissioner DeGroot reads information for the record.  
  5. Proclamations/Presentations
    1. In The Matter Of Proclaiming January 21-27, 2018 As “School Choice Week” In Klamath County, Oregon. - BOCC Commissioner DeGroot reads proclamation for the record.  
      Anna Fowler and students thanked the Commissioners for their recognition.
      Commissioner Boyd thanked the group for attending the meeting today.
      Commissioner DeGroot said all three Commissioners are big supporters of the school system and he thanked Mrs. Fowler and the students for their work.
  6. Public Hearings
  7. Budget Resolutions
  8. Bids/Awards/Proposals
    1. In The Matter Of Going Out For Bids For Liquid Asphalt And Distributor Truck. Jeremy Morris - Public Works
      Jeremy Morris addresses the Board.  Commissioner DeGroot motions.   Comissioner Boyd seconds.  Unanimous vote.  Approved.  
  9. Ordinances
  10. Resolutions
  11. Orders
    1. In The Matter Of Approving The Final Order For Vacating Lots 790 And 791 Of Running Y Resort, Phase 10 (Tract1394) - Map No. R3808-015BD-00700 & 00800. CDD/Planning - Mark Gallagher, Planning Director Libby Gallagher addresses the Board.  Commissioner Boyd motions.   Commissioner DeGroot seconds.  Unanimous vote.  Approved.  OR2018- 064
    2. In The Matter Of Reappointing Marsha Bergren To The Yonna Woods Special Road District Board. - BOCC Commissioner DeGroot reads information and motions.  Commissioner  Boyd seconds.  Unanimous vote.  Approved. OR2018-065
    3. In The Matter Of Reappointing Robert Ritter To The Green Knolls Estates Special Road District Board. - BOCC Commissioner Boyd reads information and motions.  Commissioner  DeGroot seconds.  Unanimous vote.  Approved. OR2018-066
    4. In The Matter Of Appointing Jeffrey Wolf To The Jack Pine Village SPecial Road District Board - BOCC Commissioner DeGroot reads information and motions.  Commissioner  Boyd seconds.  Unanimous vote.  Approved. OR2018-067
    5. In The Of An Order Appointing Donald McCasland To The Planning Commission - BOCC Commissioner Boyd reads information and motions.  Commissioner  DeGroot seconds.  Commissioner Boyd thanked all the citizens of Klamath  County for stepping up and participating on our Advisory Boards. Unanimous vote.  Approved. OR2018-068
  12. Agreements
    1. In The Matter Of Modification 001 To Intergovernmental Contract No 66738 Between The Bonneville Power Administration And Klamath County For Noxious Weed Control. Todd Pfeiffer - Public Works Todd Pfeiffer addresses the Board.  Commissioner DeGroot motions.  Commissioner Boyd seconds.  Commissioner Boyd asked Mr. Pfeiffer if  there is enough money to perform the sevices Bonneville asked us to do for the next two years.  Mr. Pfeiffer said yes, it's just about exactly what we've  been using on average for the last five years.  Mr. Pfeiffer said the contract is  setup not to exceed the funds, we want to make sure there is enough funds to do all the work. When we do that work, its splits between all three power companies so they all three get a break becuase they share the travel time so the money did get all used up. Commissioner Boyd said it's fantastic that you can stretch a five year contract into seven years through efficiencies. Unanimous vote.  Approved.  
    2. In The Matter Of Approval And Acceptance Of An Agreement Between Klamath County, Acting By And Through Community Corrections And Klamath Basin Behavioral Health For In-Custody Behavioral Health Coordinator Services At The Klamath County Jail. Kiki ParkerRose, Community Corrections Aaron Hartman addresses the Board. Commisisoner DeGroot motions.   Commissioner Boyd seconds.  Unanimous vote.  Approved.  
  13. Licenses
  14. Other County Business
  15. Library Service District
  16. Drainage Service District
  17. Extension Service District
  18. Public Comment
  19. Commissioner Reports
    1. Commissioner Boyd - Said he worked with Animal Control a lot last week and he thanked his staff and everyone at Animal Control for their efforts. He has also been working on water issues.  He met with about 30 people yesterday to talk about a  sustainable water agreement for all parties in the Klamath basin including farmers, ranchers, tribes and environmental interests, it was a great meeting.  He said he heard last  night that Brigadier General Dan Bunch has been named Chief of the National Guard Bureau as the Air National Guard Assistant to the Judge Advocate General of the United States Air Force. He assumes the position on July 1, 2018. He will assume a second star and become a Major General. He will be the ranking Judge Advocate in the entire National Guard, serving part time at the Pentagon. He served 8 years in active duty before starting his Guard career at the 173rd Fighter Wing.  He is proud to represent Kingsley Field,  Klamath Falls and the State of Oregon at the National level. He thanked Dan for his service.
    2. Commissioner DeGroot - He congratulated Dan.  He said Major General is a big deal and it's exciting to have someone from Klamath attain that level.  He said, Friday he spent time touring Intelifab, they are hiring like gang busters.  They are trying to become "the Henry Ford of houses."  He met with Betty Riley from South Central Oregon Economic  Development District, there are exciting opportunities for block grants to address housing and blight issues. He said, it seems each of us has a department we are spending alot of time in and mine is DD Services going over a new structure for that department. Hopefully we will get that worked out by the end of the month and get back to providing the level of service the community deserves.
    3. Commissioner Boyd - Congratulated General Bunch and thanked everyone who serves our country.
  20. Adjournment 8:51am

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