Campfires Permitted Only in Designated Areas at Crater Lake National Park

File Photo, National Parks Service

File Photo, National Parks Service

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CRATER LAKE, Ore. – Campfires are no longer permitted in the backcountry at Crater Lake National Park. This change comes with the annual update of the Superintendent’s Compendium, a document that details park specific rules and regulations.

The following changes are effective immediately:

  • Campfires

    • Backcountry campfires are prohibited.

    • Wood fires and charcoal fires are permitted only within established grills or fire rings, or portable self-contained grills, in the following designated areas:

      • Mazama Campground

      • Rim Village Picnic Area

      • Park residential areas

    • Self-contained gas and solid fuel camp stoves and grills are permitted in the backcountry, as well as in Mazama Campground, picnic areas, and residential areas.

Park management made this change to reduce the risk of escaped campfires in the backcountry. After multiple years of below average snowfall, fire season starts earlier and lasts longer than in the past. These restrictions will minimize the risk of human caused fires. Restricting fires in the backcountry also helps prevent the illegal collection of sparse native vegetation for use as fuel.

These restrictions are implemented pursuant to the authority described in 36 Code of Federal Regulations 2.13. Our goal is voluntary compliance; however, persons who fail to comply with these restrictions may be cited or arrested. Thank you for your cooperation.

Press release provided from Crater Lake National Park and the National Parks Service.