City of Malin Supports Jordan Cove Project

Malin, OR – The City Council of Malin has unanimously passed a resolution to support the Jordan Cove Project and the significant benefits it will bring to the city and residents. Malin has long understood the significant benefits of Jordan Cove as it will provide much needed funding for the Malin Cemetery, Malin Park, and Malin Fire taxing districts.

The Jordan Cove Project will provide additional funding in support of local education and public safety, and will create hundreds of construction and permanent jobs for southern Oregonians, especially here in Malin and Klamath County.

“We have a lot of experience with natural gas pipelines here and we have never had a safety incident nor have we seen a negative impact on businesses or visual blight,” said Gary Zieg, Mayor of Malin. “You have no idea the pipelines are even there but you get the economic growth it brings for everyone in town, not to mention the community investments that come with a $10 billion project. We are grateful for Jordan Cove’s consistent support of local non-profit projects and their eagerness to build a business here.”

Oregon has more than 18,000 miles of natural gas pipelines that fuel businesses and homes across the state. In Malin, two major pipeline systems – the Ruby Pipeline and the GTN line – create the “Malin Hub” which acts as the west coast center for natural gas distribution and is the epicenter of influencing natural gas prices on the west coast.

Jordan Cove would tap into those two pipelines to build a 229-mile pipeline to the coast in Coos Bay where America’s abundant natural gas reserves will be traded to growing economies that want to switch from dirty coal and diesel to clean natural gas. This includes allies like Japan, Singapore and India.

We are proud to join the Klamath County Commissioners in their support of this project, and invite others to join us as well.

“I would like to commend the Malin City Council for their unanimous vote in support of the Jordan Cove Project. A resolution of support from the City of Malin reinforces the various benefits of Jordan Cove to our entire county,” said Klamath County Commissioner Derrick DeGroot. “Not only does Jordan Cove support municipal funding, but it adds millions of dollars annually to local taxing districts including Klamath County. This much needed revenue will go a long way in closing the budget shortfalls we have experienced in funding public safety. it will also add revenue to some of our rural fire protection districts, KCC, Library District, Museums, and so many other services, with over 50% going to schools.  Our community will experience so many benefits from the Jordan Cove project, this is something we can all get behind.”

Press release provided from the City of Malin.

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