Commissioners Work on Preemptive Measures for Drought Declaration [LIVE Video]

LIVE: Interview with Commissioner Morris on the potential of drought in the Basin

KLCO Commisioner Minty-Morris.jpg

Today we spoke with Commissioner Kelley Minty Morris about the potential of a drought in the Klamath Basin this summer and how the Klamath County Commissioners are working to get the ball rolling on a potential Drought Declaration, if needed. 

"We have started the process to receive a drought declaration from the Governor." States Klamath County Commissioner, Kelley Minty Morris. "We are taking the first step, and that is passing a resolution by our board to essentially declare a drought."

The process of getting a drought declaration is a lengthy one. By starting early, the commissioners hope to speed up the process for help to be available, if it becomes needed. "What happens then, is there is a drought board that reviews.  It is a state wide board and then they make a recommendation to the Governor. Ultimately, it will be Governor Brown that will declare a drought." states Morris.

"This is likely to be a rough summer. The silver lining is that we are working on this early. Unfortunately, we have been here before as a county." exclaims Morris. "We have been here before, its never fun but we will do whatever we can as the Board of Commissioners to help our friends in the agricultural community. 

What is the value of a drought declaration? A drought declaration allows access to federal and state resources. 

Klamath Falls News will be reporting on this more as the details of the declaration unfold.