Federal Government Shutdown 

Stock Photo (Photo by  Jomar Thomas )

Stock Photo (Photo by Jomar Thomas)

The U.S. Senate Republicans and Democrats failed to come to terms with an "stopgap" funding measure, as of midnight (Eastern) deadline to continue government services. The Federal Government has shutdown. 

This means thousands of non-essential federal employees will be placed on furlough. According to CNN, "at the peak of the 2013 government shutdown, about 850,000 employees were furloughed per day."

When looking at who is at fault for this shutdown, each side is is blaming the other for not compromizing. 

Kate Brown - Oregon Governor.jpg

Governor Kate Brown Statement Regarding the Federal Government Shutdown

(Salem, OR) — Governor Kate Brown released the following statement regarding news that the Federal Government is likely to shut down:

"It is beyond frustrating that Washington D.C. inches toward a shutdown. The stakes are too high to put politics before people: President Trump stripped protections for Dreamers and Congressional Republicans have not prioritized Children's Health insurance.  Oregon's families and Dreamers deserve certainty, not partisanship.

"But, as Washington D.C. falls apart, Oregonians will continue to come together. We must do everything in our power as a state to continue to protect our most vulnerable and provide the stability our economy needs to grow.

"The Governor's Office is working with state agencies to manage any impacts and continue normal operations. If a shutdown lasts longer than two to three weeks, state agencies, depending on their own unique circumstances, may have to develop contingency plans."