Photo Story: Stemonstration Promotes STEM&M to MHS Freshman

A STEMonstration showcases the power and opportunity of the STEM&M program at Mazama High School (Brian Gailey).

A STEMonstration showcases the power and opportunity of the STEM&M program at Mazama High School (Brian Gailey).

The STEM&M program at Mazama High School prepares students with the knowledge to grow in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Medical fields after they leave high school. Mario Segura and Matt Volpe are two students of the STEM&M program and together they organized the first ever STEMonstration at Mazama HS to recruit Freshman into the program.

Students enrolled in the STEM&M program are provided an education that leverages the community’s unique resources and educational partners.

“STEM&M is becoming the new thing now and a lot of careers are based around STEM&M.” Says Mario Segura one of the event organizers. “So, it is really good for the future and if we can get students now into those fields we are helping everyone out and creating opportunities.”

“Students who participate, signing up their Freshman or Sophomore year. They have access to guest speakers, field trips, OIT classes, and almost $10,000 in scholarships if they attend OIT, or a letter of recommendation if they decide to go somewhere else.” states Matt Volpe.

At the event, stations were set up in the upstairs gym of Mazama. At each station, Freshmen had the opportunity to interact with the STEM&M program in action. Stations includes demonstrations on: Engineering & Robotics, Medical, Chemistry, and more.

“Those that are running booths are already in STEM&M and those walking around are ones that we are trying to get into the program, mainly Freshman.” States Mario Segura.

Signups for Freshmen to register for the STEM&M program will open in February. Applicants will be viding for one of just 30 spots available as only 30 students from each grade will be allowed to participate.

According to the Mazama STEM&M website:

“Mazama’s STEM&M program is application based and begins in a student’s sophomore year. Students complete a rigorous, college prep curriculum and one of several unique STEM&M Pathways.  The STEM&M faculty work together to create a collegial environment and sponsor multiple extra-curricular activities for STEM&M participants each year.  STEM&M is a great place for aspiring students with an interest in science, engineering, and/or medicine to work together.  Students who complete the STEM&M program will meet Oregon Tech admissions requirements along with those of most four year universities.”

A STEM&M Student will complete:

  • 4 Credits of Science
  • 4 Credits of Math
  • 4 Credits of English, Language Arts
  • 3 Credits of Social Studies
  • 2 Credits of the same World Language
  • All additional Oregon and District graduation requirements
  • Take the SAT or ACT College Entrance Exam
  • Participate in 3 or more STEM&M extracurricular activities
  • Complete a STEM&M pathway
    • Science
    • Technology
    • Engineering
    • Math
    • Medical

What do the STEM&M Students get?

  • Rigorous college prep curriculum that meets OIT admission requirements
  • Collegial experience including extra-curricular STEM&M opportunities
  • School issued Chromebook (with $30 deposit)
  • Access to internships- Senior Summer
  • Summer Coursework at OIT - Junior Summer
  • Graduation Honor Cord and STEM&M specific Letter of Recommendation
  • Oregon Tech STEM&M specific scholarship opportunity
  • Preferential access to selective Oregon Tech competitive programs
  • Monthly lunch guest speaker
  • STEM&M Field trip opportunities

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