Henley HS #1 in State Graduation Rankings

Henley HS Graduation, June 2018 (Brian Gailey)

Henley HS Graduation, June 2018 (Brian Gailey)

The Oregonian newspaper says Henley’s 98 percent 2017 graduation rate is among best in the state

Henley High School’s graduation rate is among the best in the state, and the Hornets are No. 1 in The Oregonian newspaper’s ranking of 2017 graduation rates among 140 mid- to large-sized high schools. (Mid- to large-sized schools were defined as having at least 90 students in the potential graduating class.)

In 2017, 98 percent of Henley’s 144-member class graduated on time.

Klamath County School District Superintendent Glen Szymoniak was pleased with the ranking, and said the district will continue its work to help students succeed.

“In all of our schools, we’re going to look for ways to increase attendance and graduation rates,” he said. “And we’re proud of those schools that are already reaching over 90 percent graduation rate.”

Lost River Junior/Senior High School in 2017 had 97 percent graduating, and Gilchrist Junior/Senior High School graduated 93 percent of its senior class.

Szymoniak credited the Klamath Basin community for making graduation a priority for its youth, pointing to community agencies and volunteers that work with the district throughout the year to help make school meaningful and engaging for students.

He also commended Klamath Promise, a community-based initiative with a goal of helping all students finish high school with plans for their futures. Its biggest event, Graduation Sensation, celebrates Basin seniors with a parade on Main Street and gives out thousands of dollars in community scholarships.

Other Klamath County School District high schools also performed well above the state average of 77 percent. Both Bonanza Junior/Senior High School and Mazama High School had 86 percent graduation rates last year.

Following is data reported in the Oregonian newspaper and a link to the complete story. All data is from the Oregon Department of Education. https://www.oregonlive.com/expo/news/erry-2018/07/ed802ee2cc3667/oregon-graduation-rates-the-be.html#incart_target2box_default_#incart_target2box_targeted_

Klamath County School District schools’ 2017 graduation ranking out of 315 schools statewide (all sizes):

  • 8th Henley, 98 percent (class size, 144, 2 dropouts)
  • 11th Lost River is 11th , 97 percent (class size 36, 0 dropouts)
  • 31st Gilchrist is 31st, 93 percent (class size 14, 1 dropout)
  • 108th Bonanza, 86 percent (class size 29, 3 dropouts)
  • 113th Mazama, 86 percent (class size 155, 14 dropouts)
  • 233th Chiloquin, 68 percent (class size 19, 2 dropouts)
  • 297th Falcon Heights, 15 percent (class size 74, 50 dropouts)

Press release provided from Marcia Schlottman, Public Relations, Klamath County School District.