Henley Increasing Law Enforcement Presence This Week

Henley High School (KCSD)

Henley High School (KCSD)

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Response to bathroom threat

Henley High School and the Henley Complex are increasing law enforcement presence this week in response to the threat written on a bathroom stall last week.

“We want to let families know we’re doing everything in we can to keep our students safe,” said Superintendent Greg Thede.

The bathroom stall threat specifically listed Friday, March 9. The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office will have more deputies at Henley High and at the Henley Complex on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. These are in addition to the School Resource Officer who is stationed at Henley High throughout the school year.

Henley High and the district continue to work with the sheriff’s office to investigate, though the culprit has not been identified yet.

The Klamath County School District is still offering a $500 reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the person who wrote the threat. Please contact Henley High School or the sheriff’s office if you have information to report.

The district takes any and all threats extremely seriously. Penalties include citations from law enforcement, suspension and expulsion.

The KCSD appreciates the cooperation and support from the Klamath County Sheriff’s

Press release provided by Klamath County School District.