I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

As part of their "2nd Stage Series", the Ross Ragland Theater presents The September Players in I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, a musical review discussing everything you have ever secretly thought about dating, romance, marriage, lovers, husbands, wives, and in-laws, but were afraid to admit. This side-splitting comedy carries its audience through the stages of relationships throughout the course of one's life; from the first date, to marriage, to having newborn children, to having older children, to old age...and various stages in between.

Many of the show's vignettes, both musical and spoken, will have the audience laughing out loud, such as "A Stud and a Babe"--a song about a socially awkward pair, each lamenting their own "nerdiness" on their first date; or "Tear Jerk"--a song about a movie date, in which a man begrudgingly dares to bare his buried feelings. Others will tug at the heartstrings, as one woman celebrates an end to her long loneliness in "I Will Be Loved Tonight", or as an elderly couple find themselves starting over after the passing of their respective spouses, in "I Can Live with That".

With clever, intricate lyrics, and interesting, lovely, and exciting music, the stories are told, sung, and even danced my a multitalented cast, including Rebekah Beger, Spencer Hamilton, Katy Garvin, Michael House, and Nathalie Reid, with guest appearances by the director, Ryan M. Adams, and the always brilliant Dan Crenshaw tickling the ivories.

No matter what stages of relationships an adult has reached, they will find themselves relating to the struggles and celebration, hilarity and lamentation, anguish and jubilation, anticipation and trepidation of this brilliantly entertaining relationship narration.

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change is being presented as Dinner Theater in the Ross Ragland Theater's Cultural Center, on October 18th, 19th, and 20th. Each performance will begin at 7pm--doors open at 6pm, and dinner is served at 6:30. Bring a date!!

Tickets can be purchased for $35 at the Ross Ragland Theater's box office, via telephone: 541-884-5483, or online at rrtheater.org.

Press release provided from The Ross Ragland Theater.

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