KCTP Opens Second JO2GO Coffee Stand

The Klamath County Transition Program officially opened the JO2GO coffee stand at the Klamath County School District central office. KCTP held an official ribbon-cutting event on Feb. 1. 

From left to right: Stephan Williams, Jose Manzo, Superintendent Greg Thede, Special Services Director Laura Blair, Kaleb Lakey, KCTP Program Facilitator Randy Denson, YTP Transition Specialist Katey Limb, Krissa Philips, Principal of Special Programs Nancy Denson, and Jasmin Estrada. 

Photos by Klamath County School District, Samantha Tipler

New stand serves KCSD district office

The Klamath County Transition Program opened its second coffee stand with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony. Members of the KCTP, the Klamath County School District administration and school board, supporters and partner organizations celebrated the opening of the KCSD district office coffee stand on Feb. 1.

“This is an awesome experience for our students,” said KCTP Program Facilitator Randy Denson. “This is an awesome way for our students to display pre-employment skills.” 

The stand will serve the district office from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. every week day.

Photo: Jose Menzo and Krissa Philips
make coffee in the KCTP JO2GO
stand at the Klamath County School
District office. (Samantha Tipler)

“We just appreciate the district support so that we can showcase our skills for the district every day,” Denson said. This is the second location for the JO2GO program through KCTP.

The JO2GO stand at the Klamath County Library’s Bookie Joint book store at the Klamath County Library opened last September.

Both stands are part of KCTP businesses where “employees” get on-the-job training and realworld experiences. KCTP serves special education students ages 18 to 21, focusing on job training, taking classes at Klamath Community College, learning life skills and participating in community service. KCTP also operates Clean Sweep, a janitorial service that cleans Klamath Falls city water department.

“These skills are important so they can learn to contribute to society and know what it’s like to be independent after K-12 education,” Denson said.

There are 29 students in KCTP and participating in the job training programs at Clean Sweep and JO2GO.