Klamath Heritage: East End

Klamath Falls’ East End, c 1910

Klamath Falls’ East End, c 1910


The easterly end of downtown Klamath Falls is shown in the Klamath County Museum’s Photo of the Week for June 23, 2019.

The dominant building in this photo taken around 1910 is the Clendenning livery and feed stable barn, which featured a three-tiered false front to improve its street-front appearance on Klamath Avenue at the corner of Ninth Street. As the town grew and automobiles became more common, livery stables in the downtown area became increasingly unpopular. The odor and flies were particularly objectionable.

In 1923 the stable was converted to a grocery store, and then was razed in 1924 to make way for a modern building. The Gospel Mission’s Pumpkin Patch thrift store is currently in the spot where the barn stood.

A horse-drawn buggy can be seen parked in front of a grocery store in a two-story building at the corner of Eighth and Main streets, at left-center. Otherwise, Main Street is mostly obscured in this view. Pine Street runs across the center of the photo.

Features seen in the distance include the Big Basin Lumber Co. at the corner of Main and Spring streets, a new Southern Pacific train depot, and a billboard advertising lots in the Mills Addition. The A Canal, excavated a few years before this photo was taken, runs across the background.

Information provided from the Klamath County Museum.