Letter to the Editor: Reschke’s Got It All Wrong About Legalizing Marijuana

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Letter to the Editor by, Valerie Lenardson, Klamath Falls, Ore.

Reading Reschke’s op-ed piece, left me speechless. He states that legalizing retail locations in KFalls will increase the use of marijuana.  He has absolutely no proof of this statement.  I am not a user of marijuana, but I want the ‘choice’.  He blames the current rate decline of graduation on teens smoking marijuana – absolutely no proof.  If you want to know why there is a decline in the graduation rate among students, I believe it is because many parents are struggling to support their families and are working 2 and 3 jobs which takes time from their children.  Maybe Reschke should fight for better paying jobs for KFalls.

The second statement that Reschke makes is about the money that is generated by legalizing marijuana.  Reschke says that it’s minimal.  $85 million in 2017 is not minimal by a long shot.  We need the money for our schools, education, mentally impaired, infrastructure, housing and so much more.  Reschke says the solution is to elect statewide officials like himself and roll up their sleeves and go after the state employee retirement system (PERS) for future retirees.  Yea, that sounds like a good idea and republicans have been kicking that can down the road for a long time.  Have you spoken to those folks that are state employees and do they really tell you that they want you to go after PERS and take money from their retirement?  How about fighting for better jobs for KFalls.

And finally, Reschke claims that Oregon municipalities that have lifted the ban on recreation retail marijuana sales have less safer communities.  He states data from 2010 (before legalization) to 2017 (after legalization) and shows DUII’s increased over 50% in Salem.  I have researched this on line and cannot find these stats – perhaps Reschke could tell us where he is getting his information to support this statement.

Reschke is taking a stance against Measure 18-112 because he is ignorant of the facts and he wants to get reelected at whatever the cost. VOTE YES ON MEASURE 18-112 and let the people make their choice on facts, not ignorance. 

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