Letter to the Editor: Why We Need to Say Yes to Measure 18-112 and Measure 102

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Letter to the Editor by, Valerie Lenardson, Klamath Falls, Ore.

I recently canvassed for the ‘Get Out the Vote’ in the Mills district and was appalled by some of the living conditions that I found people living in.  I found sidewalks in much of the area to be neglected and dangerous.  Many of the homes I attempted to call on were not safe to go up the steps to the front door and therefore I had to mark the home as ‘inaccessible’. 

Outside of the Mills district are many other homes in the Klamath area where people are living in poverty and many are older folks. 

I met a woman outside the post office the other day.  She is 89 years old, recently had a stroke and is living in Motel 6 at $71 per day (my monthly mortgage is less).  She has tried several times to apply for a rental and is told it is available but when she arrives, they then tell her that the place is rented and no longer available.

We are in a ‘severe’ housing shortage here and when you have landlords who live out of town and do not take care of the property, we then have a bad problem.  Maybe we should be enacting stronger tenant/landlord laws so that the landlord cannot neglect the property and is forced to maintain it to a certain level.

One source of revenue that can help with some of the problems is the legalization of recreational marijuana in KFalls.  Voting YES on Measure 81-112 will bring money into KFalls that can be used for our schools, police, mentally ill, and infrastructure.  We also want to see a vote ‘YES’ on Measure 102.  This measure would lift the ban on government working with non-profits and local businesses to build affordable housing with bond funds.  This means that bond dollars will go farther because they can leverage other funding sources like low-income housing tax credit and be implemented with partners that have the most experience in building, owning and operating affordable housing.

Measures 81-112 and Measure 102 are good for the people of Klamath Falls – Vote in November.

Valerie Lenarson
Klamath Falls, Oregon

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