LIVE: OIT Basketball Keelhaulers (7-2) vs Hustlin’ Owls (5-3)

Tonight's game is a great matchup between the California Maritime Academy and the Oregon Tech Hustlin’ Owls.

The Keelhaulers are an NAIA team out of the California Pacific Conference with 7 wins and 2 losses on the season (4-0 on the road) The Hustlin Owls have earned 5 wins and 3 losses on the season so far.

We will cover the first half live from the sidelines. Then provide updates through the remainder of the game. If you want to see second half video, continue watching live online at or listen live on the radio with Bobby Thompson, Mike Garrard and Cooper Roberts-Garrard on 92.5 fm KLAD.

The next home game will start conference play against The College of Idaho on December 2nd at an early start time of 6:00 PM.

Hustlin' Owl Update
OIT leads Cal Maritime 74-61. 7:05 remaining.

Hustlin' Owls give Cal Maritime their first road loss of the season. Final 94-73.

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