Merkley Not Running for President in 2020

Merkley Not Running For President, Announces Run for Re-Election to Oregon Senate

US Senator Jeff Merkley took to YouTube in a campaign video announcing his plan on running for the United States Presidency in 2020. In his video, Merkley boldly states he is not going to run for President but rather run for re-election and help become a full-partner in addressing the challenges faced in the Senate.

“We need both strong leadership in both the Oval Office and strong leadership in the Senate. Today I am announcing that I am not running for President,” says US Senator Jeff Merkley. “I believe there are Democrats now in the Presidential race that are speaking to the importance of tackling the big challenges we face.”

“What I am also sure of is the Senate is not prepared to be a full-partner in this fight. My best contribution is to run for re-election and do all I can to help the Senate be a full-partner in addressing the challenges before us,” continues Merkley.

Merkley continues in his video asking the American people for their vote.

“I am asking for you, each of you, to join me in this battle. To put it bluntly, America can’t win without you,” states Merkley.

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US Senator, Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon)

US Senator, Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon)