Murder Conviction in Klamath County

Klamath County Sheriffs Office

Klamath County Sheriffs Office

On November 7, 2017, after a murder trial that lasted almost a week and a half at the Klamath County Circuit Court, James Forshee (62) was convicted for the murder of Emery Connor (42). 

The murder occurred on April 17, 2014, in a local Burlington Northern Santa Fe maintenance building in Klamath Falls, OR, where both Forshee and Connor were employed. 

The Klamath County Jury that heard the case, after less than two hours of deliberation, returned a unanimous verdict of "Guilty" for "Murder." on November 7, 2017, a Klamath County Circuit Court Judge sentenced Forshee to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years (Forshee will be 83 years old before he is eligible for parole). 

The Oregon State Police was the lead agency working within the Klamath County Major Crimes Team. The major crime team consists of investigators from the Oregon State Police, Klamath Falls Police Department, Klamath County Sheriff's Office, Klamath County Parole and Probation, and the Klamath County District Attorney's Office.

Press release from Oregon State Police.