ODF Klamath Lake District Named a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite

Oregon Department of Forestry's Klamath-Lake District is a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite (Submitted Photo)

Oregon Department of Forestry's Klamath-Lake District is a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite (Submitted Photo)

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KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Blue Zones Project® Klamath Falls has announced that Oregon Department of Forestry’s Klamath-Lake District is a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite. The district achieved the designation after completing a series of best practices which promote employee engagement and well-being. Blue Zones Project celebrated this accomplishment by recognizing the district during its annual employee barbeque on June 28 at the Sprague River Park in Bly, Oregon.

“This designation as a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite means the Klamath-Lake District of ODF has intentionally prioritized the well-being of its employees through the implementation of research-based best practices,” said Jessie Hecocta, Blue Zones Project - Klamath Falls Organization Lead. “The purpose is to create leaders who role model well-being behaviors and create an environment which supports the safety and health of others.”

By partnering with Blue Zones Project, ODF underscores its longstanding support for employees to maintain and improve their health. Healthy employees are better able to succeed in their personal and professional lives, and ultimately achieve the agency’s mission for Oregonians.

Klamath-Lake District’s District Forester Dennis Lee chose to work with Blue Zones Project for several reasons. “First, we value our employees,” he said. “It’s important we identify all the ways we can demonstrate our commitment to the health and wellness of employees and the community. Blue Zones Project is one of those ways.”

Lee said being a part of the Blue Zones Project contributes to a better workplace environment.

“Blue Zones Project focuses on bettering the health and well-being of communities. Our staff is a part of the family and community of the Klamath Basin. This type of grassroots, community- inspired effort made it easy to want to join in,” he said.

A key accomplishment was the creation of an employee-led safety and wellness committee. The committee created an engagement and communication strategy for their district and promoted several well-being practices such as;

  • designating a meditation space for employees
  • implementing a Wellness Week
  • updating their safety and wellness policies to include more language centered around employee wellbeing
  • partnering with Blue Zones Project to host a Purpose Workshop.

ODF will continue to focus on wellness for its Klamath-Lake District employees. The goal is to learn more ways to contribute to a happy and healthy workforce and make the Oregon Department of Forestry an employer of choice.

Press release provided from the Blue Zones Project, Klamath Falls.