Open Enrollment Starts March 1

Klamath County School Dist.jpg

The Klamath County School District will again be participating in open enrollment from March 1 to March 31.

During open enrollment Oregon students are free to transfer between participating districts without having to ask their former district for permission. By filing out an open enrollment form, students can transfer from one district to another, starting at the new district in the fall.

There are two other types of transfers: intra-district transfers (between schools within the district) and inter-district (from one district to another outside the open enrollment period). Open enrollment is specifically for applications between districts from March 1 to March 31 for attending the following school year.

The Klamath County School Board approved open enrollment at its meeting Thursday, Feb. 15. For most schools in the district, open enrollment is unlimited. There are a few exceptions: 

  • Bonanza Elementary,
  • Ferguson Elementary,
  • Henley Elementary,
  • Keno Elementary and
  • Peterson Elementary.

There, some grades have specific limits on how many students may transfer in, based on the expected class size and school capacity.

At all other schools and grades, the open enrollment opportunity is unlimited.

The open enrollment forms will be available on the Klamath County School District website ( starting Feb. 16.

Press release from Samantha Tipler, Public Relations, Klamath County School District.