"Oregon is an Example for the Rest of the Country," Governor Brown

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Governor Kate Brown today characterized the 2018 legislative session as a turning point for Oregon. With the federal government locked in a partisan stalemate and the White House mired in scandal, Governor Brown and the Oregon Legislature moved forward on issues that Oregonians care most about. Each of Governor Brown’s legislative priorities were approved by legislators, and the Future Ready Oregon initiative was broadly supported by several policies that close the skills gap between the workforce Oregon has and the workforce businesses need to fuel the state’s economy.

“Oregon is an example for the rest of the country in prioritizing everyday values amidst political turmoil at a national level. Dysfunction and disarray in Washington did not stop our efforts to stand up for Oregonians,” said Governor Kate Brown. “Here in Oregon, we prioritize commonsense policies that improve the services Oregonians depend on. I applaud legislators for working with their communities to focus on what really matters.”

After months of work with Oregonians and legislators, each of Governor Brown’s five legislative priorities were approved by both chambers, and important strides were made to launch the Future Ready Oregon initiative.

Legislative accomplishments include:

Additionally, the Governor advanced initiatives that improve lives of working Oregonians, children, and families:

  • Funding for almost 200 new caseworkers in Child Welfare, who will provide increased support for families in the foster care system
  • Building Oregon’s support of addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery via a new strategic plan from the Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission
  • Passage of the Governor's air toxics initiative, Cleaner Air Oregon, and establishing a Carbon Policy Office to work on cap-and-trade policy for the 2019 legislative session
  • Net Neutrality legislation that uses the state’s purchasing power to protect open internet for Oregon consumers

DOWNLOAD: Governor Kate Brown's 2018 Legislative Accomplishments

Press release provided by the Oregon Office of the Governor.

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