Photo Story: Active Shooter Drill

A Klamath Basin SWAT Team patrolls the halls of Henley High School during an Active Shooter Drill on November 9, 2017. (Image: Brian Gailey)

The photos are not graphic in nature, please use caution as they may be sensitive to some. 

Actors played the roles of the injured and casualties. 

Nobody was harmed in the drill. This activity was conducted with the intent of practice and learning, in the unfortunate event that this may happen in the Basin. 

Over 500 Klamath County School District staff and 50 First Responders from around the Klamath Basin took part in an Active Shooter Drill held at Henley High School on November 9, 2017. Klamath Falls News was honored to have the opportunity to be in attendance for the drill capturing photos and videos of the activities. These photos are shown below.