Reschke Co-Sponsors Tuition Assistance to Air Guard

File Photo, E. Werner Reschke, R - House District 56 (Brian Gailey)

File Photo, E. Werner Reschke, R - House District 56 (Brian Gailey)

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Salem, Ore. - Representative E. Werner Reschke (R-Klamath Falls) released the following statement after HB 4035 passed the House unanimously this morning. Rep. Reschke is a co-sponsor of the legislation, which grants tuition benefits to qualified members of the Oregon National Guard:

“With Kingsley field in my district, it is important to our local economy and Oregon to keep these air-guard missions in the state. Klamath Falls just signed a contract for an unprecedented additional 50 years with the Air Force. I am proud to have the 173rd Fighter Wing at Kingsley Field, as well as both Oregon Tech and Klamath Community College in my district. Our community is fully behind our military. Legislators should also stand behind the men and women who choose to serve for our protection, safety and liberty.”

Press release provided by office of E. Werner Reschke.

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