RRT focuses on Youth Education and Outreach

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As the long summer nights are becoming shorter, streets are filled with colorful back packs, giddy laughter, and parents gearing up for another new school year! The Ross Ragland Theater is also quickly approaching their new year, and Education Director, Sam Burris can’t wait to jump into our Youth Education and Outreach programs.

“The Youth Theater camps, After School classes, and Teen programs are awesome this season,” says Burris. “Children and teens are encouraged to give theater a try. It’s wonderful to see young people blossom creatively.”

The theater has long provided a plethora of youth education programs over the years. During this 30th Anniversary Season, Burris is focused on imagination and building self-confidence.

“They stand a little taller after their first time performing on the Ragland stage. They are so proud of themselves.” said Burris.

The Youth Education and Outreach programs run throughout the season. For registration information contact Sam Burris at education@rrtheater.org

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Upcoming programs

Young audience matinees
The Young audience program offers a unique and highly-affordable professional theater experience available for school age youth. The RRT brings in professional touring groups/individuals for school day performances up to six times a year. Tickets are $3.50 for students, chaperones and teachers, and are available to all public, private and home schools. Performances range in variety from interactive science and history shows to spectacle shows with exotic acrobats and all range of Musical Theater performances in-between. The eclectic blend of programming keeps young audiences interested and engaged.

Magic Tree House Adventures
Help bring the stories of the Magic Tree House to life on the stage. Have fun with one of the best story books around. Students get to learn and perform a wonderful play. Will learn the basics of acting and scene work and perform in showcase with costumes.

Tales from Harry Potter
Check out this class exploring scenes from the stories of Harry Potter and Hogwarts School of magic. We will explore the subtleties of various adventures that will culminate in a showcase of scenes.

Musical Theater
This offers students adventures with the Magic Tree House in musical theater. The students will be learn music and dances created from stories from this magical book and become musical theater. They will then practice them to perform these numbers with costumes at the final showcase. Camp focuses on voice development, stage directions and presence while performing.

Musical Theater II
Take a journey through the Adventures of Harry Potter with music and choreography. Kids will get to sing and dance to the music from this new Musical and present in a showcase with costumes. Camp focuses on voice development, stage directions and presence while performing.

Teen Theater
This is a great opportunity for High School teens to Audition and get experience in performing for a large audience, a Stipend will be paid to each student, with no heavy time commitments until last 2 weeks before show. We are looking for 15 students for this year.

This pilot program last year was such a success, we are continuing into this year’s season of 2019-2020.

“Margaret would rather play video games than do her homework, so her Poppa tells her the story of Princess Margaret, whose family is kidnapped by pirates. The only way for her to save them is to use the Pythagorean Theorem to help the mermaids find the pirate ship, but did she pay enough attention when her tutor, Professor Archimedes, was trying to teach it to her? The Princess and the Pirates is a comic homage to the classic movie, The Princess Bride, but with a purpose: to remind children that there are real-life applications for math.”

Auditions will be held on Monday, September 16, 2019 from 4-6 pm.

This play will be performed by Local Teens for the Klamath Basin elementary students, seniors in the Basin and a performance for the public.

RRT will have a list of all the rehearsal dates and important information on try-out day. All students and parents will have to agree and sign a contract of what is expected of everyone enlisted in the program.