SOS Richardson Provides an Update on Brain Tumor [VIDEO]

In June 2018 Oregon Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson announced he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Today SOS Richardson provides an update on his condition and on his treatment.

“The most challenging effect of my treatment is the fluency of the speech patterns, states Richardson. “Some days my speech feels unaffected, and other days I feel difficult to articulate the words, even though I am still thinking clearly. Its frustrating for me when my speech does not keep up with my mind.”

“Despite this I continue to work hard as your Secretary of State,” continues Richardson.

AN UPDATE ON MY HEALTH - As many of you are aware, I announced in June that I was diagnosed with a small, cancerous brain tumor. The support I have received since has been so encouraging to my wife Cathy and me.

I want to provide you with a video update regarding my current health. Thank you so much for all of your ongoing prayers and support during my treatment.
— Dennis Richardson, Oregon Secretary of State

Press release provided from the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office.

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