Winter Stargazing Event Set for Sunday Night

A winter star party will be offered Sunday, Dec. 17, by the Klamath County Museum.

The astronomy event will begin at 5:00 p.m. at Steen Sports Park on Foothills Boulevard. In the event of cloudy skies, the event will be rescheduled for a later date.

“The nice thing about winter star parties is that we have darkness so early in the evening,” said Todd Kepple, museum manager for Klamath County. “We’ll be able to view some deep-sky objects on a moonless night, and then head home long before bedtime.”

The Andromeda galaxy will be among the subjects of study. Other targets will include star clusters within our own Milky Way galaxy.

Sunday's star party is open to anyone interested in learning about the night sky.

Those arriving later are encouraged to turn off headlights as they enter the parking area, and drive with caution.

For more information contact the Klamath County Museum at 541-882-1000.

VIDEO: This video is a timelapse from the Klamath County Museums Summer Star Party held last July at Liskey Farms.