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Gathering Grounds Roastery
This Week in Photos, Photography Contest

This Week in Photos is a weekly photography contest presented by Gathering Grounds Roastery and Klamath Falls News.  Entries are accepted every Sunday at on or about 8:00 PM and close the next day, Monday, on or about 8:00 PM. Voting will begin on a new gallery of images following the closure of submissions. 

Watch for posts on the Klamath Falls News Facebook Page on when to enter and vote.

This contest is strictly for the fun and enjoyment of the friends of Klamath Falls News. The contest rules are in place to ensure a level playing field for all to enjoy.  Submit only one image per week that you have taken yourself during the submission period. All entries must contain a title, date and location in the caption of the photo on Facebook. Images that do not include this information will be void. 

Official Rules

One image per person, per week

Submitted photos must be captured during the contest period. Monday thru Sunday of the preceding week.

24 hours beginning Sunday on or about 8:00PM.

24 hours beginning Monday on or about 8:00PM.

Friends of Klamath Falls News

The gallery of images used for voting, may be placed in any order to showcase submissions. The submission order into the contest does not place voting gallery order. 


  • Brian Gailey, Publisher, Klamath Falls News

  • Jason Aarstad, Owner, Gathering Grounds Roastery.

  • Any ties within the contest will be decided by the moderators.

Commercialization of submissions are not allowed. Do not use your image to advertise a business and/or service. Overlying text and/or graphics, including logomarks and watermarks is not allowed. Images converted to memes or that include phrasing is not allowed.

Basic editing of color correction, exposure, crop, etc. is allowed. Extensive editing including artistic freedom, excessive filters, overlaying of graphics etc. is not allowed. Judgement calls on submitted images containing extensive editing will be determined by the moderators. Image collages are not allowed.


  • Submitting photographer must have captured the image themselves.

  • Submitting photographer must have a legal account on Facebook.

  • Minimum age of photographer: 13 years old.

  • By submitting an image, you provide Klamath Falls News with permission to showcase your image for voting and if chosen as the winning image you provide Klamath Falls News permission to use the image as the weekly cover photo and to display your image digitally inside Gathering Grounds Roastery.

  • The following information MUST be included in the photo caption by the close of the submission period. Missing information will deem the submission void.

    • Description of the photograph

    • General location the submission was captured

    • Full date [Month, Day, and Year] the submission was captured

      Sunrise Views of Crater Lake
      Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
      January 1, 2018

      NOTE: Information submitted with the image is locked in at the time submissions close. Please correct these typos before the close of submissions. This includes date errors, i.e. accidentally typing 2017, 2118, 20118, etc instead of 2018. Incorrect full dates will automatically have a submission rejected. Corrections of this information after the close of submissions will not be accepted.

  • Winning Photographer must like both; Klamath Falls News Facebook Page and Gathering Grounds Roastery Facebook Page.


The following images are ineligible for the This Week in Photos Contest

  • Photos that contain sexually explicit, nude, obscene, violent or other objectionable or inappropriate content.

  • Images that involve putting any individual or animal in danger.

  • No collages, single photos only.

  • No screen captures from mobile devices. Please submit original images.

  • Klamath Falls News and the Contest Moderator(s) have the right to refuse submissions for any reason.


  • A free drink of choice from Gathering Grounds Roastery

  • Winning photo will be used as the cover image of Klamath Falls News.

  • Winning photo will be digitally displayed inside Gathering Grounds Roastery.


  • Employees and family members of Gathering Grounds Roastery, Klamath Falls News as well as KFN's parent company Gailey Company, LLC are not eligible to participate in the contest.

This contest is not affiliated with Facebook.