Ask Klamath Season 3

Current Sponsorship's

  • Presenting Sponsor, $3500

    • SOLD, Pacific Crest FCU

  • Commercial Sponsor, $2000

    • SOLD, Ace Towing

    • SOLD, Excel Auto Body

    • Available

    • Available

  • Section Sponsor, $1000

    • SOLD, Klamath County Fairgrounds

    • Available

    • Available


Ask Klamath broadcasts for up to 60-minutes (+/-) consisting of:

  • Four 15-minute Q&A segments

1) The first segment is a pre-show / introductory segment where Brian introduces the show and the guest. The intro graphics are rolled and a few introductory questions are asked of the guest.

2) During the second segment Brian and the guest discuss the topic of the show and answer questions from the friends of Klamath Falls News.

3) The third segment is a continuation of the second segment,

4) The forth segment is divided into three parts

a) The guest “soap box.” - A time when they guest can discuss what they want to talk about.
b) A segment when questions asked in the comments of the live show are answered.
c) The last part of the fourth segment is the closing of the show, thanking of sponsors, and preview of the next episode.

  • Commercial Breaks

    • In the gap between each segment (1-2, 2-3, 3-4) are commercial breaks. Consisting of up to five :30 second commercials from sponsors.