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Klamath Falls News is a locally owned online news brand publishing original content and press releases from trusted sources here on our website and though our social media channels.

We at Klamath Falls News often create original content in the form of articles, interviews, live broadcasts based on community interest and news worthy stories affecting citizens of the Klamath Basin. However, we are not investigative journalists.

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The press releases that we receive come from trusted sources. We never adjust releases that are sent to us ensuring that the information published is exactly what the author intended. (Although, flow, spelling and grammar may be corrected.)

Beware that, sometimes those releases can be filled with one sided bias information, technical jargon or difficult text. We run releases from all sides allowing the reader to absorb the information, make an educated decision, and formulate their own opinion on what they chose to believe & trust. Rather than have a media source dictate what they should believe.

Please note that due to limited space, we are unable to publish all releases sent to us.

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Klamath Falls News offers an opinion section with Letters to the Editor, Op-Ed and Editorials. 

Rooted in the Basin

Klamath Falls News has deep roots in the Klamath Basin. Built on the remnants of the Pioneer Press, Klamath Courier and Butte Valley Star newspapers, our history goes back 100-years in the Basin. 

Klamath Falls News is a division of Gailey Company, LLC.

Brian Gailey, Publisher of Klamath Falls News

Brian Gailey, Publisher of Klamath Falls News

About the Publisher, Brian Gailey

Born and raised in Klamath Falls, Brian Gailey was made to be named publisher of Klamath Falls News. He is locally recognized for his spectacular photographs featured in local and regional media, as well as his marketing acumen for helping local businesses.

For over a decade, Gailey has used his experience in photography & business to help others succeed. Now he melds news and marketing with professional photography and video to grow Klamath Falls News.

He began his tenure in journalism in 2007 with Klamath Courier, Butte Valley Star and Pioneer Press Family as a photojournalist. Capturing images, telling stories and showcasing the Klamath Basin.

Gailey's work has been featured locally, regionally and nationally by organizations such as: KDRV, KTVL, KOBI, Herald and News, The Oregonian, KATU, KOIN, KOMI, NWCN, The Seattle Times, and ABC World News.

Showcasing local people, happenings and places, while capturing our most celebrated moments, has driven Gailey. β€œI am extremely proud to call the Klamath Basin home,” Gailey said. β€œIn this small community I am proud to work with many local businesses.”

Gailey holds a position on the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, as well as the Klamath County Fair Board. Gailey remains active in the business community through a variety of community organizations.

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