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Colonel Jeff Edwards
Commander of the 173rd Fighter Wing, Kingsley Field

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Jesse Widener

Executive Director, Klamath Film

Jesse Widener has a wide range of experience in the arts including architecture, music composition, photography, software development, drawing and writing. He brings his passion and experience to filmmaking, having had several films show at the Klamath Independent Film Festival, as well as the Portland International Film Festival and Ashland Independent Film Festival. Jesse also serves on the board of Klamath's official tourism agency Discover Klamath.


S4 E1: April 24
Councilman Todd Andres
Klamath Falls City Council,
Ward 5

S4 E2: May 1
Dena Morosin, Educator
Shasta Elementary

S4 E3: May 8
Dr. Nagi Naganathan, President Oregon Tech

S4 Bonus, May 13
Mark Bransom, CEO
Klamath River Renewal Corp.

S4E4: May 15
Tricia Hill, President
Paul Simmons, Executive Dir.
Klamath Water Users Assoc.

S4 E5: May 22
Michael Cook, Fire Chief
Chiloquin Fire & Rescue

S4 E6: May 29
Heather Tramp
Executive Director,
Klamath County Chamber of Com.

S4 E7: June 5
Jim Chadderdon
Executive Director,
Discover Klamath

S4 E8: June 19
Colonel Jeff Edwards
Commander, 173rd Fighter Wing

S4E9: June 26
Jesse Widener,
Executive Director
Klamath Film

S4 E10: July 3
Todd Hoggarth, Fair Manager
Klamath County Fairgrounds


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