LIVE: Kingsley Field Night Flights

***First pair of F-15's take off at 2:21***

Kingsley Field, Ore. - Tonight we are adjacent to the main runway of Kingsley Field. Where we watch student pilots of the 173rd Fighter Wing take off for night flying operations. More commonly known as night flights, night flying is one part of the course curriculum for the F-15 student pilots at Kingsley Field.

Most of the training will occur in military operating airspace near Clear Lake, Calif and east of Lakeview, Ore. Where the pilots will fly without any lights and sometimes using night vision goggles. Pilots will return to Kingsley after the mission which will take about 1.5 hours. 

I must give masive props to the pilots of the 173rd Fighter Wing and all the Airmen of Kingsley Field, THANK YOU for all that you do!

Special thanks to Captain Richard Schuster, Sgt. Jennifer ShirarKlamath County Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber's Military Affairs Committee for this access tonight. 

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