Student Used Pepper Spray in Classroom, on Bus

Henley High School. File Photo

Henley High School. File Photo

School officials take action to ensure student safety

Students are safe today after a boy sprayed pepper spray in a Henley High School classroom and on a Klamath County School District bus Thursday afternoon. All students and parents have been contacted. The district worked with law enforcement and the HAZMAT specialist at Klamath County Fire District No. 1 to ensure the situation was dealt with properly.

“We contacted every student in the classroom and who rode that bus,” said Henley High School Principal Jack Lee. “We called every single parent of the kids and let them know everything is

The incident started at the end of seventh period Thursday, Sept. 21, at Henley High School, when a student sprayed the pepper spray in a classroom. By the time Lee reached the classroom, school had let out for the day.

Soon after, the student sprayed pepper spray on a bus carrying students from the high school, Henley Middle School and Henley Elementary. That bus was evacuated immediately and students were put on a second bus for the remainder of the route.

A Klamath County Sheriff’s Office deputy investigated, located the student at home and confiscated the spray bottle, confirming the substance as pepper spray.

District Risk Manager Steve Johnson said the district cleaned the bus and classroom with soap and water, under advice from fire department HAZMAT specialist. Additionally, Lee said the
classroom at the high school remains closed today to thoroughly clean any lingering pepper spray.

Some students were affected by the spray, especially those with asthma. Henley Middle School Principal Kristine Creed said two middle school students and one high school student went to Sky Lakes Medical Center on Thursday evening.

On Friday morning, lingering pepper spray on backpacks the same two Henley Middle School students to the hospital by ambulance.

At the elementary, only three students complained of stomach aches. None were taken to the hospital. School nurses met with every one of the students in the classroom and on the bus to ensure they were in good health.

Klamath County Sheriff’s Office took the boy who sprayed the pepper spray into custody. He will be charged with misdemeanors related to the incident.

Lee said pepper spray is on the list of items forbidden at school.
“It’s a weapon,” Lee said. “You don’t bring a weapon to school.”

Press release from Klamath County School District