Increased Patrol Efforts in Klamath Falls School Zones

OSP Klamath Falls 7043.jpg

While patrolling local school zones, Oregon State Police have noticed several unsafe driving behaviors and want to remind the motoring public to drive safely. One behavior in particular has come to the attention of several Troopers. The practice of stopping in the roadway and dropping children off for school is not only illegal, it is extremely unsafe. The proper way to drop your loved ones off at their school is in designated pick up/drop off locations on the school property, or on the side of the roadway where it is safe to pull over completely off the roadway.

The act of stopping in the roadway to allow your children to exit the vehicle is in violation of Oregon Revised Statute 811.555 (Illegal Stopping, Standing or Parking) and 811.130 (Impeding Traffic). Both violations are class D infractions, which carry a presumptive fine of $110. Please refrain from engaging in this dangerous behavior to ensure the safest possible school environment for our community.

In an effort to curb this behavior, the Oregon State Police Klamath Falls Area Command has scheduled increased enforcement patrols for school zones. The focus of these patrols will be to ensure the safety of the motoring public and the safe transportation of local youth to their respective learning facilities.