Assessor's Office Reports Error on KFPD Bond

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Assessor's Office Press Release

An error was reported to the Klamath County Assessor’s office regarding the City of Klamath Falls Police Station General Obligation Bond. This affected the 2017 tax roll. As a result the city of Klamath Falls received reduced funds for the bond.  

Per Oregon statute 311.205(1)(a) errors to a previous years roll are collectable the following year. The average property tax account will see a onetime, 5 dollar increase to cover the shortfall on their 2018 tax statement. No interest will be added for the error.    

After investigating the issue, the cause was determined to be a data entry error. Controls have been put in place to eliminate future errors. Any further questions can be directed to the Klamath County Assessor’s office at 541-883-5111.

Press release provided by Klamath County.