Fire on Stukel Near Chalet Drive and Hill Road. [UPDATED]

Flames spread on Stukel Mountain following the ignition of a fire near Chalet Drive and Hill Road. January 14, 2019. (Brian Gailey)

UPDATE 2:00pm 1/15/19 - from Klamath County Fire District 1
Yesterday afternoon at approximately 1:25pm a brush fire was reported in the area of Hill Road and Chalet Drive. The initial report indicated that there was a structure threatened and that the fire was advancing up the hill side.  The total response included 2 engines, 4 brush trucks, 2 water tenders and several staff vehicles. Klamath County Fire District No. 1 responded along with Merrill Rural Fire Protection District, Kingsley Field Fire Department, Oregon Department of Forestry and Klamath County Sherriff’s Office assisting.

The fire was controlled by 5:30pm and covered approximately 15-20 acres. Oregon Department of Forestry will be monitoring the fire throughout the day today.

The fire was determined to have started from a small controlled burn which a resident had been using to clean up leaves and yard debris.

This incident serves to remind us all, that although it is January, wildfires can happen throughout the year if conditions are right. During the winter months the grasses and foliage are dry and dormant and can pose a risk of fire.  Please make sure you follow all burn rules and keep all fires attended. Always have a means to extinguish the fire readily available.

UPDATE 7:25pm, 1/14/19
Spread has been stopped. Fire crews are finished for today and will return tomorrow to continue suppression / mop up efforts. More accurate reporting of acreage is expected tomorrow.

SUMMARY 4:05pm, 1/14/19
Approximately 1:30pm a call came in to 911 regarding a fire at Chalet Drive near Hill Road. Klamath County Fire District 1 responders called for an “All Call” shortly after arriving on scene. The fire is believed to have started near one of the residences.

According to Jake Barnett, Oregon Department of Forestry, the fire was believed to be 10-acres in size.

Several crews from KCFD1, Kingsley Fire, and Merrill Fire worked to keep the flames away from structures. Crews from the ODF attacked the flames from the top of the mountain.

Cause of the fire is unknown at this time and remains under investigation.


UPDATE 3:51pm, 1/14/19
New photos updated

UPDATE 2:55pm, 1/14/19
According to Jake Barnett of the Oregon Department of Forestry, the 10-acre fire is suspicious in nature, is under investigation and may have started near the back of a residence.

UPDATE 2:33pm, 1/14/19
ODF Crews are working the east side of the fire over the ridge. They have gained access via the switchback road through the gravel pit.

The majority of the heat and flames of the west side have been knocked down. Pockets of smoke can be seen from smaller smoldering piles of brush.

UPDATE 2:10pm, 1/14/19
Additional crews from Kingsley Field Fire Department have arrived and brush crews from ODF have been requested.

The fire continues to grow up the west side of the mountain. But appears to be currently avoiding any structures. 7 structures nearby are currently threatened.

Crews are working to secure line and continue to protect the structures.

BREAKING 1:50pm, 1/14/19
A fire has ignited on Stukel mountain along Chalet Drive off Hill Road. Crews and multiple engines from Klamath County Fire District No. 1 are on the scene.

Klamath Falls News will update as info becomes available.

More Photos

A firefighter battles flames on Stukel Mountain in Klamath Falls, Oregon. January 14, 2019 (Brian Gailey)

A firefighter battles flames on Stukel Mountain in Klamath Falls, Oregon. January 14, 2019 (Brian Gailey)

Flames spread near a home on Chalet Drive following the ignition of a suspicious fire. January 14, 2019. (Brian Gailey)

A firefighter uses a tool to stop the spread of a suspicious fire on Stukel Mountain. January 14, 2019 (Brian Gailey)