KCEDA Helps Recruit Perlite Company

The Aqua Glass building recently purchased by American Garden Perlite, sits on prime Klamath Falls real estate near the junction of the Southside Expressway and Washburn Way. October 29, 2018 (Brian Gailey)

The Aqua Glass building recently purchased by American Garden Perlite, sits on prime Klamath Falls real estate near the junction of the Southside Expressway and Washburn Way. October 29, 2018 (Brian Gailey)

Perlite expansion company based out of Lake Wales, Florida worked with KCEDA and other local leaders to reach decision on locating facility in the old Aqua Glass building.

Klamath Falls, OR – Today, American Garden Perlite (AGP), announced that they purchased the former Masco building, previously occupied by the Aqua Glass Corporation (a past division of Masco) to set up new operations. Since the previous manufacturer’s departure from the facility, the over 200,000 sq.ft. building has been vacant for nearly 6 years up until today’s announcement.

The manufacturing and distribution space has been frequently distinguished as prime real estate within the county’s available building offerings, serving as one of the two largest industrial facilities in the Klamath region.

Allison York, with Windermere Real Estate, represented AGP in their acquisition of the property. Talking about the long-awaited arrival of a new occupant in the facility, York states, “We are excited for American Garden Perlite to join the Klamath community, and I look forward to their success manufacturing perlite here.”

Erik Addington, President of AGP, has expressed similar excitement about the company’s purchase of the building and why he’s enthusiastic about adding a facility in Klamath. Addington “We are really looking forward to being part of the Klamath Falls community. There’s a number of things that just made Klamath the best choice for this expansion. The former MASCO facility is an excellent industrial building for our operations. Allison York and the team at KCEDA have been very helpful with acquiring the property and getting us through the next steps of setting up.”

Working with organizational partners from both the private and public sector, the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) was involved in the acquisition and provided several services to American Garden Perlite during the due diligence phase.

These services consisted of things such as preparing undisclosed incentive options, facilitating information in close collaboration with brokers during the site selection and negotiation phases, connecting the company with utility and engineering resources from local partners, as well as investigating transportation options related to the operation.

KCEDA Business Development Officer, Rick Abel, discussed KCEDA’s going forward with the company now that the manufacturer has closed on the property, saying, “We are very pleased to have American Garden Perlite become part of Klamath’s business community. AGP is a nice, traded-sector addition to our area, and further diversifies what industries Klamath has to offer. It will be great to see them make good use of this facility.”

Based on figures provided to KCEDA at the beginning of the project, the capital investment from the company is anticipated to be upwards of $4 million; including property and equipment costs. The number of jobs expected to be created by the new operation or when the company expects to be operational has yet to be divulged.

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About American Garden Perlite
American Garden Perlite is a perlite expansion facility, founded in 2015 and located in the small town of Lake Wales, Florida. They start the process by obtaining high quality ore from their sister company, Cornerstone Industrial Minerals (located in Lakeview, Oregon). They have been providing perlite ore nationwide since 1998. By obtaining ore from the mine owned by their sister company, the perlite manufacturer ensures control of the quality of the perlite from the mine all the way to the finished product, allowing them to provide the highest level of excellence and customization in their products to their customers.

Press release provided from the Klamath County Economic Development Association.

The front gate of the Aqua Glass building will soon see new traffic as the location was purchased by American Garden Perlite (AGP). AGP is based out of Lake Wales, Florida. October 29, 2018 (Brian Gailey)

The Aqua Glass building has sat vacant for 6 years prior to today’s announcement of American Garden Perlite purchasing the facility in Klamath Falls, Ore. October 29, 2018 (Brian Gailey)