Train Mountain Featured by OPB

Train Mountain Railroad and the Klamath and Western Railroad have been featured in Episode #2906 of Oregon Field Guide. The feature is the first of 3 stories in this episode. Originally aired on November 9, 2017 on Oregon Public Broadcasting- OPB.

"Train Mountain the largest miniature railroad in the world. With 36-miles of track, weaving through 2300 acres of Ponderosa Pine forest." Ian McCluskey, Producer, Oregon Field Guide.

"For some people it is a bucket list item, to come here at least once. Even though it's a long ways from anywhere, it is known througout the world. Everybody in the hobby knows Train Mountain Railroad." Jeff Mills, Volunteer Coordinator, Train Mountain Railroad.

If you have not been to Train Mountain and the Klamath and Western, you are missing out. Learn more about the railroad at, and